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Wiffle Ball Bats In Bulk

This wiffle ball set is perfect for any fan of baseball or those looking for a nice, affordable gift. The louisville slugger bat is11” l. ( left arm, right hand) and the 2” ball is from the c271 set. These sets come with a 2 bahts and 2 balls.

Wiffle Balls In Bulk

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Cheap Wiffle Ball Bats In Bulk

This wiffle ball set is perfect for any baseball enthusiast! The two ball wiffle ball bats are perfect for playing games of catch, golf, or tennis. The contingencies of bats and balls make it easy to take on any game. The set also comes with a bowl to hold your balls and to practice left-to-right swinging. this is a great set of two wiffle ballbats in bulk. They are made of plastic and are blue with yellow starburst patterns on them. They are about 32 inches in length and have a green and white-colored handle. These good looking balls are in good condition and have not been used often. are you looking for a great gift? this is the perfect gift! A ball bats in bulk! Two of them, at that! These will make great gifts for your friends and family, and you'll be able to play with them to the ball in a more regular basis! The brown and yellow are beautiful, and they will be happy to have a few more minutes of play time. the wiffle ball bats are a great way to add some excitement to your playing games with this fun red and green ball. This bat is made of black metal and has a checkered floor to make it more realistic. It is alsoletchering good for playing in tournaments.