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Fishing Floats In Bulk

This is a 3-250 bulk pack of fishing floats. They are 3 inches in size and are made of foam. They are made of plastic material and are plastic look but are made of water resistant.

Fishing Corks In Bulk

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Best Fishing Floats In Bulk

Fishing floats in bulk are the perfect way to keep your fishing equipment moving and organized at the same time. This 3-250 bulk pack of fishing floats has a 3 inch round foam coastal eel "snap-on" fishing bobber to keep your boat moving and organized. this 50-pack of fishing floats comes in 1. 5 inch round foam snaps, so you can find the perfect range for your needs. These floats are a great way to keep your boat moving freely when fishing in large numbers, and are sure to make your fishing experience better. this 3-250 bulk pack of fishing floats is perfect for large or big fish. The float will handle large water currents and deliver powerful power to your fish. The blue and yellow color is unique and stylish and will make your fishing gear look great. the popular rocket bobbers fishing floats in a bulk number of tackle stores across the country. This proven technology allows you to fish large numbers of fish at once, giving you more catches and reducing the need for multiple casts.