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Candy In Bulk For Candy Buffet

This 8 clear glass jars apothecary style Candy cookie dispenser canisters wedding party, our jars are style Candy cookie treats that help you mix and match different types of Candy to create a custom Buffet of flavors For your wedding. They're also lightweight and straightforward to store, so you can have more room For your guests to enjoy your buffet.

Cheap Candy In Bulk For Candy Buffet

This Candy Buffet contains 8 clear glass jars (apothecary style) which can be used to add a touch of schizophrenia to your buffet, the sexy, plastic-covered cookie canisters will store your Candy in place of cookies. Lastly, the black and white canisters will help to market your Buffet as traditional, this gumball-centric Buffet will amaze your friends with their encrusted concentration in the concentration of mini gumballs. Each dish this basic and effortless to follow guide will show you how to make gumballs in bulk - light blue in the Buffet line and also how to do the fillings in advance! This set of eight clear glass jars is a peerless alternative to keep your Candy in bulk, the apothecary style Candy cookie treats canisters are splendid For your wedding party. They look peerless as part of a wedding catering plan and can be used as a general-purpose Candy container as well.